Spring/Summer 2018 Schedule

Hey friends!

Boy, have we been busy.  Between praying, mid-week meetings, sectional events, booking Sundays, and speaking across our state on Sundays, it's been a whirlwind - and we are so thankful.  God continues to amaze us by providing opportunities and financial support through faithful individuals and churches.  Below is our current schedule for the next few months, ending with the tentative date of us getting to Moldova on July 31st.  In order for that to happen, we must be fully funded. We are currently at 67% of our entire budget, and that's only possible through Christ.  Our cash budget is full, though we still need roughly $2,500 in monthly support.  To break that down, that is 25 commitments at $100/mo, or 50 commitments at $50/mo.  If you have not joined our support team and feel God leading you to, please click HERE to begin your support.  Thanks so much!

In Christ,

Elgin Combs