Our home has sold!

Hey friends!

It is with excitement and amazement that we tell you today that our home has sold! After praying, my wife and I believed that even though we aren't planning to move to Moldova until June, that God was leading us to sell our home now.  We even met with a realtor - but before we ever had the chance to agree to list it, a couple we know very well approached us, offering to buy our house for their family.  God is in this!

We literally move out of our home in 6 days.  WOW.  What's even more amazing is that another family has offered to allow us to move into their own home with them! Talk about generosity!!! 

I won't lie - there have been times even in this last week when I've been a bit overwhelmed seeing all the things that still have to be done.  BUT, it's moments like this when God reminds me that he's the one working on our behalf.  He's like a conductor of an orchestra, and people are the musicians. He brings people together at just the right time, for His purpose.

God is good, and He knows what He is doing.  Sometimes we need to be reminded of that!

So friends, rejoice with us as another piece of the puzzle has been placed into the picture of our future!

In Him,
Elgin & Christina, Lilian, Isaiah, & Judah

Elgin Combs