Moldova is a country that moves at its own pace. The old roads cutting through hills and fields were not made for travelers to get anywhere quickly. But God is moving with urgency through this land, giving hope to those who need it. 

The land of Moldova is fertile and the hills are gorgeous. While driving the winding roads you may have to wait for a shepherd crossing with his sheep, but that’s okay because no one can come to Moldova and be in a hurry.

The country is sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania, and agriculture is its way of life. Life is not easy for many in this poor nation. What the people need planted now is hope, seeds of hope planted deep, watered by the Lord, to change an entire country.


A story of a national.

Alina’s story is all too common in Moldova, a country filled with people holding onto hope and always looking for more. Moldovans are hardworking people looking for opportunities. Alina, smart and beautiful, was a student at university, and when an opportunity came, she jumped on it. She was going to leave the country and find real work in America. However, when she went to the American embassy, her paperwork hit a snag, and she had no idea what she was going
to do.

Crying, she went to the one person she knew to go to for hope and advice, Adriana Lungu, one of the Assemblies of God missionaries in Moldova. Adriana invited her in and listened to Alina’s story. Adriana discovered that the company hiring Alina was nowhere online, and when she called, they were even more evasive. She pushed for details, and they hung up.

Moldova is the top target for human trafficking in Europe. Alina was rescued from such a fate by a simple paperwork problem and the presence of missionaries in Moldova. They built relationships and showed Christ to people and saved Alina’s life. Now Alina tells her story to groups to prevent such a thing from happening to other young women. It’s a story of redemption with the Redeemer in the center.

Facts about Moldova. 

It's poor.
Moldova is the poorest country in Europe with a per capita GDP of just $5,327, according to the IMF. The second lowest is Ukraine's, at $8,305

Newly Independent.
Having once been a part of the Soviet Union, Moldova celebrated its independence on August 27, 1991.  

It's small.
The entire country of Moldova can fit inside the state of Illinois 4 times!

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