In May of 2017, God spoke to us clearly, calling us to serve Him in the country of Moldova.  We believe that God wants to accomplish big things in this small country where there are less than 4% evangelical Christians and human trafficking is at its worst.  This country is young, with over 50% of the population under the age of 35.  There are many universities in the capital city, and over 300,000 university students.  We believe that these students are the future of the church in Moldova.  

God has given us vision to increase the influence of the Moldovan National Church by planting churches that will reach the young adults. We will provide leadership by sharing our talents and investing in relationships with university students. We will work in the church plant to provide training worship leaders and teams, musicians, leaders, and pastors. We will also aid in the prevention of human trafficking by working with these local ministries to raise awareness and educate the young adults of the dangers lurking in this country, that they may be able to avoid walking into these terrible situations.

Will you partner with us as we plant the church where it is not. 

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Planting the church
where it is not.

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe.  The average income is $5/day.  Because there are very few jobs, parents are forced to leave the country for work, leaving their children behind with friends or aging grandparents, which makes children, students and young adults vulnerable to human trafficking.  Moldova is the #1 human trafficked country in Europe.


Chisinau, Moldova

A quarter of the country's population live in the capital city, Chisinau. There are more jobs in Chisinau than in the rest of the country, making the average city income just over $5/day. The city is thriving with life, tradition, and religion. However, while religion is prominent, there is little emphasis placed on a personal relationship with Jesus.  A Moldovan is most often born into the Orthodox Church. Not unlike some churches in America, this religion has many rituals and requirements as if one has to earn their way into heaven. There has been much corruption of government in the past and though great strides are being made, there is still much distrust from the people where they still carry the burden of hopelessness. 

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300,000 Students

In Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova, there are 20 universities and another 20 trade schools that host over 300,000 students each year. This is an unreached people group in itself. They have been raised in the Orthodox culture, but seeing the emptiness it's led to, they have abandoned faith altogether.  We know that there are future pastors, preachers, evangelists, and worship leaders in these universities.  We just need to introduce them to Jesus.  We believe that these students are the future of the Church in Moldova.


The Team

There is a team of missionaries already in place working in Moldova.  As we join what God has already begun in this country, we will bring our areas of expertise to compliment and further grow this ministry. We are confident that God has equipped us for the task and planned in advance this great opportunity to shine the light of Jesus into this spiritually dark country. 

Building Relationships.

Meet "Anna."  She is just one of the students who need to be reached in Chisinau, Moldova.  Anna's testimony is still being written.  She met missionaries John & Adrianna Lungu through an outreach, and although she still does not believe in Jesus, she continues to come to Chi Alpha events and has befriended the students who attend.  We look forward in prayerful expectation of the Holy Spirit getting ahold of her heart.


Current Projects

Church Planting

We will increase the influence of the Moldovan National Church by planting churches that will reach the young adults. We will be working alongside the Moldovan national church to build and plant churches throughout the country, and specifically among the university students in Chisinau.  We want to see God's Kingdom increase through the local church with indigenous pastors. 

Leadership Training

We will invest in the next generation by training worship leaders, pastors, musicians and teams. We believe that God has gifted us in music and worship not just to use for ourselves, but also to pass on to rising worship leaders and teams!